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BaileyBailey was adopted from a shelter, and after only having her for 2 months her new owners had to give her up because she was chasing their cats... so they brought her to the SPCA of Ocala to surrender her. Bailey is a great dog, and we knew she would be adopted out with no problem.

There was a family looking for a very special dog, and they looked for months and months at about 200 dogs, but still couldn't find their dream dog - until they saw Bailey on one of our adoption sites. They phoned us to inquire about her and there was Bailey, their dream dog!!! However, they lived in Seattle Washington.

It meant everything for them to have Bailey, after countless telephone calls and a house check, we approved the family, and made arrangements to fly Bailey to her new family out in Washington State. There was very careful planning to make sure that Bailey's trip would be a pleasant experience for her... we bought her a new crate, and trained her stay in it for a short time off and on through out the day, we made it a game for her and she loved it. We wanted it to be her comfort zone, and WOW did it work. There were no problems at all at the airport with Bailey. When we asked her to load, she went in as happily as could be. We also put her name on the outside of the crate, and it was so cute to see all of the people passing by in the airport, while saying, "Hi Bailey", she got so much attention and she loved every minute of it.

When Bailey finally got tired of everyone saying hello, she fell fast asleep, which was my cue that she was fine and time for me to leave. Leaving her was extremely hard for me - I cried like a baby. Once we left the airport, and were 20 min's out, I just couldn't stand it any longer, and had to turn around and go all the way back to the airport to check on her again - she was still asleep!  I stayed with her until she departed. It was a rough ride home to Ocala from Orlando thinking about her all the way. Finally, I got the call from the Ramos family that Bailey had arrived and was great, it was true love for them at first sight! Bailey has adjusted very well, she really loves her new family and new little friend Luna... another successful adoption.

~Lilly Baron

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