BaileyBailey was adopted from a shelter, and after only having her for 2 months her new owners had to give her up because she was chasing their cats... so they brought her to the SPCA of Ocala to surrender her. Bailey is a great dog, and we knew she would be adopted out with no problem.

There was a family looking for a very special dog, and they looked for months and months at about 200 dogs, but still couldn't find their dream dog - until they saw Bailey on one of our adoption sites. They phoned us to inquire about her and there was Bailey, their dream dog!!! However, they lived in Seattle Washington.

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On Sept, 2nd 2010 at 6:30 p.m. a lady came to the SPCA of Ocala asking us for help. We walked over to her car and in the back lay a dog that that was a rack of bones and could not walk because he was too weak. Every bone on his body was showing. Lilly quickly picked up the dog and took him down to the kennels. She called her vet, but unfortunately he was already on another emergency call and said he would be there as soon as he could. The worst part is we had no idea he was in Orlando for the emergency call. Lilly then called other volunteers to bring in chicken, rice and Gatorade to help out the Boxer/Cur mix.

The dog could not drink so Lilly put water in a syringe and gently put it in his mouth. Little by little she alternated between water and Gatorade to get some fluids inside of him. We tried to give the poor little guy just a little handful of chicken & rice mixed but he could not keep it down. By midnight all the volunteers left and Lilly stayed down at the kennels with him until the vet arrived. At 2 a.m. the vet arrived and said that the Boxer/Cur mix most likely would not make it through the next day because he thought his organs would shut down. Even with the terrible news we continued to treat the dog by giving him fluids and also meds so he could keep some food down.

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Molly's Story

After Molly's tragic incident, the SPCA of Ocala is now Molly's forever home. Molly is now a permanent resident. Her days consist of running & playing with the other dogs, lying around & sunning herself, swimming, going on golf cart rides, and just being a happy dog. Photos of Molly at the sanctuary can be found below. If you would like to donate to Molly and the other animal's needs click the donate link below. All donations are tax deductible.

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written by Lisa McGinnes

Molly's Tragic History

An Ocala man was arrested Sunday after reportedly beating and stabbing his girlfriend’s dog.

Steven Scott Fleming, 49, was banging on the front door of a home at 1137 NE 13th St., Ocala, just after 3:30 p.m. Neighbors told police he was yelling for his girlfriend to let him in, according to Ocala Police Department reports.

When the man got into the house, the neighbors reported hearing screaming and a dog crying as though it was being killed, reports state.

The first officer to arrive saw Fleming walking away from the home and told him to stop. Instead, police say, Fleming ran and hopped over a fence. Officers were able to catch Fleming a short time late.

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This beautiful 3-year-old  fixed male Weimaraner was brought to us from his previous owner who  surrendered him due the fact that they no longer had time for him. He was adopted out in less then a week to his new owners who just couldn't ask for a better dog, he fit right in with them. Basko has 3 acres to run and play, and he USES ALL OF IT !!! He has brought love and laughter back into their lives, and will be with his new loving family forever.

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Little Cooper came to us when his owner called and had to surrender him because they were moving, and could no longer keep him. When we picked him up, we immediately took him to the Vet as his condition was not good! The Vet diagnosed him with Canine Demodectic Mange, a disease which is due to a GENETIC defect. It is not contagious to other animals nor humans, It lies dormant, and surfaces due to extreme stress, and weakened immune system. This condition is treated with shampoo therapy and oral medication-once treated, it may never flare up again. Within a month of treatment, Little C is almost completely healed. He has since been adopted out, and is with a very loving family that just adores him. (he even has another little play mate) Little C's new family brings him to visit the SPCA of Ocala, so he can play with all the other dogs, and get his golf cart rides in, which he just loves. We are thrilled to report that Little C is happy and healthy, and has a great new home.

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Molly's Story

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