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On Sept, 2nd 2010 at 6:30 p.m. a lady came to the SPCA of Ocala asking us for help. We walked over to her car and in the back lay a dog that that was a rack of bones and could not walk because he was too weak. Every bone on his body was showing. Lilly quickly picked up the dog and took him down to the kennels. She called her vet, but unfortunately he was already on another emergency call and said he would be there as soon as he could. The worst part is we had no idea he was in Orlando for the emergency call. Lilly then called other volunteers to bring in chicken, rice and Gatorade to help out the Boxer/Cur mix.

The dog could not drink so Lilly put water in a syringe and gently put it in his mouth. Little by little she alternated between water and Gatorade to get some fluids inside of him. We tried to give the poor little guy just a little handful of chicken & rice mixed but he could not keep it down. By midnight all the volunteers left and Lilly stayed down at the kennels with him until the vet arrived. At 2 a.m. the vet arrived and said that the Boxer/Cur mix most likely would not make it through the next day because he thought his organs would shut down. Even with the terrible news we continued to treat the dog by giving him fluids and also meds so he could keep some food down.


Not only was the dog severely dehydrated and starving to death he also had many other problems associated to the lack of care that was provided for him. His nails needed to be cut since they were so long they were curling under his feet, he had cigarette burns on his body, he had heart worms and overall he needed love and care to help him make it through the night. The vet and Lilly worked on him until 5a.m. and Lilly stayed by his side until 7 a.m. when the volunteers came in to help. For three days he was never alone since Lilly and the volunteers stayed by his side until he was strong enough to stand on his own. We were all so happy and everyone had tears of joy in their eyes since he was recovering and getting stronger. We decided to name him Bones because that’s all he was when he arrived here at Saving Animals For Everyone.

After a while Bones slowly recovered enough to where he could walk and each day he seemed to be getting better. We then decided he was healthy enough to get him current on all shots and neutered him. During this time Lilly and Bones were joined at the hip. She took him everywhere she went. Because Bones could not walk very well, Lilly made him a bed for the back of the golf cart and off they went. We tried to put a collar on him and immediately he sank down to the ground and he cowered. We could tell that he had been chained up and beaten. Still to this day he gives us very sad eyes when we place a collar on him, but once we take it off he runs, jumps and goes crazy in a cute way as if he is enjoying his freedom all over again.

It took Bones nearly 6 months to fully recover. He was finally was able to start playing with other dogs and became attached to Muzzy, another dog at the Sanctuary, and Lilly. However, now that Bones had recovered it was time for him to be adopted out. A nice loving family decided to adopt Bones, but it did not work out. He became very depressed, would not eat, and started losing weight very quickly. The family immediately brought him back to the SPCA of Ocala and we nursed him back to health once again.

The Sanctuary is where he longed to be because he bounced right back. As soon as we took him to the kennels he began to eat and play with Muzzy until they could no longer play anymore. He again followed Lilly everywhere she went as if he was a part of her shadow. Soon he gained all of his weight back and he was fat and happy all over again. He was again ready to be adopted to a new family. We found just the right family for him and they fell in love with Bones. The family had another dog that Bones could play with and they all hit it off very well. However, again Bones went into a deep depression and stopped eating and lost weight. For the last time he was returned to the SPCA of Ocala. We are proud to say that he is happy, eating very well, playing with the other animals and of course is continuing to get his golf cart rides. He is now a permanent resident and is completely healthy. Bones is loved by all the volunteers here and we are happy to have him at his forever loving home at Saving Animals For Everyone!

If you would like to  make a donation towards his "ongoing health care", we would appreciate it immensely.

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