The Home of Ambassador Molly of Molly’s Law

Molly’s Law, the animal abuser registry, is designed to keep animal abusers away from innocent animal victims. Not only is the public and those entities who transfer the ownership of animals notified of convicted abusers living in the county; it also mandates them to check the registry prior to selling, adopting, or gifting animals, but it is further enhanced by monitoring and penalizing registered offenders who face fines or possible incarceration if found in possession, exercise control over, harbor, live with, or work with animals for as long as they are required to register in Marion County.

Molly’s Story

Molly, an American boxer mix, was brutally stabbed and beaten with a wooden bat by Steven Scott Fleming in 2014.  She found a loving furever home with Lilly Baron, President of the SPCA of Ocala.  Molly was a survivor, and will forever represent ALL animal victims in the county as the Registry Ambassador.  The online Registry provides photos and identifying information about convicted animal abusers as they become available. The Registry is available on the Marion County Animal Services website: www.marioncountyfl.org/aar

Molly’s Documentary

The documentary tells the story of Molly, her incredible journey and the animal welfare movement that can protect all animals from their abusers.

The premiere was held at the Marion Theatre on April 24, 2022 but you can still watch the documentary below.



Remembering Molly

Commision of Molly’s Statue

Nilda Comas carved Molly from “Molly’s Law” in beautiful marble from Michelangelo’s cave. White Carrara marble, not Statuario, but a beautiful warm white for an outside installation. The statue was unveiled in Ocala, Florida in June 2023.

About Nilda: Born in Puerto Rico, Nilda represents the arts as the first Hispanic Master Sculptor. She was chosen from 1,600 artists nationwide to create this masterpiece.

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Unveiling Molly’s Statue

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