Have you heard? The Molly Dog is the latest craze in Ocala! Two huge Nathan’s all beef hot dogs, fries and another side for only $10! Get this special only at Flyers in Citra!

Molly Dog Special


The Home of Ambassador Molly of Molly’s Law

Molly’s Law, the animal abuser registry, is designed to keep animal abusers away from innocent animal victims. Not only is the public and those entities who transfer the ownership of animals notified of convicted abusers living in the county; it also mandates them to check the registry prior to selling, adopting, or gifting animals, but it is further enhanced by monitoring and penalizing registered offenders who face fines or possible incarceration if found in possession, exercise control over, harbor, live with, or work with animals for as long as they are required to register in Marion County.

About Molly


Paw Carved in Stone


Unveiling Molly's Statue




$10 for each product purchased

will be donated to SPCA of Ocala

Curry On A Stik’

Husband and wife team, Jeff and Sharon, developed the Curry on a Stik’ brush for over two years.  As a result of their research and hard work, they are confident this is the best  brush for grooming your pets in terms of design, construction, durability and performance.

When you purchase a Curry On A Stik’ brush, or the pet grooming products, Corakko Equine & Canine Shampoo and Corakko Snake Oil, $10 for each product purchased will be donated to the SPCA of Ocala. Order all 3 products and $30 will be donated to the SPCA of Ocala! It’s a win win situation.

We can’t thank Jeff and Sharon enough for their generosity, and we THANK YOU for your support.

Curry on a Stik

A Message from Eric Reed

✔️ A Professional Massage/Grooming/Bathing Tool

✔️ Decreases Shedding – Increases Coat Health – Removes Stagnation – Increases Circulation

✔️ Easy Clean Up – Simply Rinse Or Wash

✔️ Ergonomically Designed For Ease Of Use With The Arthritic Or Nerve Effected Hands – Patent Pending Design!

✔️ For Quick Grooming, Or Intensive Therapeutic Massage Sessions – Providing An Aid In Early Detection Of Soreness & Injuries

✔️ Created With Design, Durability, Quality, Performance & Affordability In Mind

✔️ Easy To Carry – Safe & Effective For Use By All Ages!

✔️ Veterinarian Tested & Approved By Chi Institute Instructor Dr. John Langlois!

Copper NANO Technology with Essential Oil Extracts & Honey

Soothes, Heals & Kills Bacteria & Fungus
Treats bacterial & fungal growth on & under the skin

• Heals Wounds
• Hotspots
• Rain Rot
• Scratches
• Insect Bites
• Cracked Hooves
• Summer Sores

Corakko premium therapeutic skin care formula integrates the power of nano-copper technology, with an ancestral Chilean herb from the Quillac Seponaira plant and Coptis Huang Lian, a fundamental herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The SPCA of OCALA will receive this generous donation of $10 for each product purchased ONLY if you click the Order Here button above to purchase these quality pet grooming products.

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