Bones’ Story

On September 2, 2010, Bones arrived at the SPCA of Ocala in critical condition. He was dehydrated, severely emaciated, and covered in cigarette burns on his body. He was diagnosed with heart worms and could not stand on his own – a victim of extreme cruelty, abuse and neglect. He was given the name “Bones” because of his appearance.

Our vet was called immediately, and after treatment he predicted Bones would not make it through the night because he felt his organs were possibly shutting down. Even with the terrible news, we continued to treat Bones by giving him fluids and medication so he could eventually drink and keep food down. With love and compassion, Lilly stayed with Bones all night, holding him in her lap, gently administering fluids with a syringe in his mouth because he could not even drink on his own. Our Staff was with Bones 24/7 until the moment he stood on his own 3 days later.

It took Bones nearly 6 months to fully recover. He was adopted out twice by loving families but came back because he was severely depressed over his separation from SPCA of Ocala, which he had grown to know and love as his home. At the end of his life, Bones was a truly happy boy. He passed away in May 2019 knowing he was loved.